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My Little Mermaid

The little mermaid.

There’s nothing like happening upon a good prop to inspire a fun shot. Tomas is Danish so HC Andersen’s tales are a staple in our household. This summer we were on Shelter Island visiting friends, when Miss M saw this rock it was a no-brainer that she had to swim out to it for the photo opp.

Here’s a shot of the original in Copenhagen, Denmark:

Mermaid statue

[photo by Gianmaria Visconti]

Double vision


This photography experiment is about imagining what it would be like to meet ourselves.

All last week Tomas had been talking about doing a family photography project. Life happened … Little T was sick all weekend with what turned out to be Roseola, so we were extremely low on sleep and all a bit cranky. While I was out walking the dogs with B, Tomas decided to do a test run. This picture is the result, and I think it really worked out well. I especially like that M looks like she can really see herself. Next time, we’re planning to do the photo-shoot outdoors, but this was an excellent first try. Long live Photoshop!



Hand over the digital camera & let them have at it. As a child, I used to love taking pictures, my parents insisted that I had a good eye. I had no idea what that meant, but it made me feel so good and proud inside. I also remember how frusrtating it was to only be allowed to take a few pictures, and then to have to WAIT for my masterpieces to come back from printing.

B really likes it when we let him take pictures (I’ll admit that we’re a little squeemish about it these days since we bought the-camera-that-we-really-couldn’t-afford), we are always captivated to see our world from his perspective.