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Three years, a month, and a day


I’m shocked. Honestly shocked, that none of my friends or family have given me flack over not posting Tor’s Third Birthday a month ago. How utterly shameful!

As you can see here, he’s growing and full of life like just his big brother and sister ( I have, ahem, active children). He’s a tough little guy and loves to hang out with the big kids, even if they’d like a little space here & there.

In this picture he’s modeling a Halloween Tie Dye t-shirt he got from my sister & wore for for three days and nights straight. Have I mentioned he has a rather forceful personality?

I’m looking forward to the adventures he’ll take us on as he continues to grow :-)

Bjørn turns eight!

babybjornIt’s so hard to believe how quickly eight years have passed! As I was giving birth my OB exclaimed a very helpful “Holy Moly, that’s a BIG head!” Pretty much all the encouragement I needed to Get Him Out.

Today he’s an incredibly handsome (have you seen his eyes when he wears green?!) and sensitive kid. Always game to try something new. Currently obsessed with his Nintendo DS, and yes… we still got him two new games even though we’re constantly threatening to take them away because he gets so deeply drawn into those virtual worlds. Read more

15 years

Wedding Day 8/6/93, originally uploaded by VeroC.

15 years legal or 23 years and 219 days together. Any way you count it, I’d do it again :-)

Things that were mine

Things that were mine

One neat thing about living in my childhood summer home is finding the bits & pieces left over from way back when. I thought I’d share a few: the raspberry bush I planted, bongo drums, an easel, and my swing. I’m glad to have these around for the kids (even if they do fight like mad over the swing … sigh).