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Scavenged bow and arrow


I’m always thrilled when the kids take it upon themselves to develop and execute their own creative projects. I’m thinking there must have been and American Indian theme running through our day yesterday, or perhaps my boy’s haircut was inspired by his sister’s Bow and Arrow project.

Miss M spent a good bit of time scrounging for just the right bits of vine and sticks for her creation, bending and knotting until she got it just right.

I have to say I was mightily impressed at how good her aim got with a bit of practice.

A birthday gift


Miss M was so pleased with the snugglies I’d made for her and her brother that she asked if it would be ok for her to make one for her teacher’s daughter who is celebrating her first birthday today.

Of course!

On Wednesday after school we went on a mission to the fabric store. All the way there, we discussed her plans. They were quite elaborate. When we arrived, she headed straight to where we usually look, where you can get pre-cut pieces, and have fun with color and pattern for not a lot of money (’cause Mama’s cheap like that). I cut her off & introduced her to the bolts of fabric that were there to explore  — you’d have through I was the most amazing Mom at the look on her face.

She chose the brightest pink fleece, and a soft cotton in the brightest blue and fuschia.  Her smile was enough to quell my worries that this might be a bit, um… bright for a one-year-old.

Next up, we strolled past the ribbons, and buttons until she saw what she had to have for her blanket. A super soft teddy bear applique — a must have.

My girl also wanted to applique the baby’s name, but I was a bit worried that that would over-complicate what I’d hoped would be a simple project, so I steered her (yet again) to the iron-on letters. Yay me. She was pleased with this solution.

The actual sewing was easy peasy. Deciding where the appliques would go required Dad’s diplomatic intervention. Yay Dad.

Inspiration: L’imagier du Père Castor


Ever since mentioning my delight at having my Paumes books in hand, I’ve been trying to understand what about the experience was so familiar. After several days of ruminating this I finally figured it out — My Père Castor Books!

When I was little I had a boxed set of French word books, L’imagier du Père Castor published by Flammarion in 1952 (they were already old books when they got to me). I loved them. Really, truly loved them. I could easily browse through my eight little books for hours on end, and find something new and beautiful with each reading. Read more

Portraits over time


In Maggie’s art class the children were asked to draw three self portraits. The first is a baby picture. The second as they see themselves in a few years time. The last as they will look when they are old.

After they completed the self portraits they were asked to write a bit about the person in the picture.

I found it so interesting to see what my daughter thought about life at each of these stages. I’ll have to make sure to tell her that you do not have to stop reading when you get old!