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mooI just got “calling cards” in the mail from Moo.com and I had to share how incredibly sweeeeet! they are. These are small business cards, printed on sturdy card stock. They have my flickr pictures on one side & my business info on the other. Totally cool.

I think I’m inspired to use the doubles to make a memory game for the kids. OMG! I think I’ve solved my never-ending gift dilemma for the under-six set (I’ll eventually have given them all copies of Tomas’ book, and will have to come up with something new).

{teeny update: turns out I’m not so friggin’ original after all. Check out this lovely memory set. I especially like her idea of loading up only 25 images so you get two complete sets of 50 — very cool}

The only teeny drawbacks are:

1. the cards really are small, and for business networking purposes, I’d worry that they got lost.

2. the photos printed rather dark, and lost quite a bit of the vibrancy of the originals.

At $19.99 for 100 truly personalised cards, I think I can live with the drawbacks (for now).

So next time you see me, be sure to ask for a card, you can have your pick of which kid you’d like to carry around with you :-)


Young_photographerWhen My Man B and I went to visit George the other day we brought our cameras along to capture the moment.

We took many {many} pictures along the way, but as we neared our home, B had a great idea:

Let’s take pictures of the same thing at exactly the same time!

What a smart boy I have! (he takes after his father)