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Three years, a month, and a day


I’m shocked. Honestly shocked, that none of my friends or family have given me flack over not posting Tor’s Third Birthday a month ago. How utterly shameful!

As you can see here, he’s growing and full of life like just his big brother and sister ( I have, ahem, active children). He’s a tough little guy and loves to hang out with the big kids, even if they’d like a little space here & there.

In this picture he’s modeling a Halloween Tie Dye t-shirt he got from my sister & wore for for three days and nights straight. Have I mentioned he has a rather forceful personality?

I’m looking forward to the adventures he’ll take us on as he continues to grow :-)

Pumpkin carving party

THIS is how we prepped for Maggie’s Ninth birthday party. The family (minus Tor who conveniently napped through it all), got into production mode with Dad at the helm, cutting out the tops, and the rest of us scoop, scoop, scooping for a good hour.

On Sunday we had 11 pumpkins ready for her friends to carve, and all Tomas and I had to do was provide the tools (kits purchased for a couple bucks at our supermarket), some snacks (including home-toasted pumkin seeds) , and a cake. Other than that, the girls completely entertained themselves; something this mama could get used to!

This was probably the easiest party we’ve ever thrown, PERFECT for a gaggle of nine and ten year old girls.

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Paper bag pumpkin

This is an easy Halloween project for young ones, and another winner from our school’s Harvest Festival. All you need is a paper lunch bag, some orange paint, a bit or string and a scrap of green paper.

Fill your bag with whatever scraps are overflowing from your recycling bin (as ours usually is, unfortunately). Tie shut with string looped through a green paper leaf (easy to cut out), and paint bright pumpkin orange.

Sit back and admire your handy work :-)

If you’re feeling mighty ambitious, you can paint on a Jack O’Lantern face with black paint after the orange has dried.

Looking for a few more easy Halloween craft ideas?

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