It’s been a busy day over here at Casa Christensen.

My first read this morning was a lovely review of this blog over at 2K Bloggers by Judith Lautner. She’d picked three blogs to review at random, and then drew some interesting connection. I thought that was a clever, and interesting, approach.

Then… Miss M got braces! My kid is a testament to me that a naturally positive outlook on life just gives everything that rosy glow. The kid was beaming when I picked her up, and spent several breathless minutes showing me all the tooth-loot the ortho had given her.

After dropping her back off at school — just in time for her much anticipated lunch-time book-club (!) — the damned car wouldn’t start. OK… so I should have known that something like this would happen to me eventually because the horn hadn’t been beeping for a while (I actually saw this as a good thing), as had been the airbag light. Sigh…

Luckily, I have The Best auto mechanic out here. He’s like my very own Click and Clack Brother — not that he knows it, but he’s me hero. Gary from Meissner Automotive came over Right Away when I called with my sad tale, and dropped me and Little T off at home when it became clear that my almost-paid-for minivan was not planning on restarting even with a little boost.

Lastly! I’ve gotten my very First advertiser through BlogAds and I’m hoping you will all be kind to them and pay ’em a visit. Ok… I’ll admit the Baby Dagny ad is a little bit naughty, but I checked out their store & they have some hilarious stuff. I love their Equal Opportunity snappy T’s. I so appreciate that they liked my blog enough to spend a little of their marketing money here.