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Bjørn’s new pillow

Bjørn's pillow
While Maggie was busy at work on her mouse, Bjørn came up to me to ask if he could make something as well. Like I would say no?!

He very carefully chose his colored felt (black and teal) and embroidery thread (red), and just before starting to sew, he asked if he could also decorate his pillow. Of course! So I handed him the fabric markers.

When he was all done he gave me this huge smile and announced that sewing was a lot easier now that he was older. He remembered struggling over a sewing project in school when he was a kinder, and was very relieved that it wasn’t as difficult as back then. I have to say, I’m quite impressed with how even his stitching is!

Recycled greenhouse


Poor Maggie is home sick with a cold. The worst thing for a kid is being home when they don’t have enough energy to do all the active things they usually like to do. Today was full of “what can I do?” moments. Luckily, my girl spotted the plastic tray our apples had come in this week and asked if she could do something with it. Read more

Heart garland

Paper heart garland

I’ve been somewhat garland-obsessed recently (see here, and here). This morning, I hung out with Doree (after you finish here, you have got to check out this woman’s confections!!!), and a few other Moms to get some holiday crafting out of the way. It was our first get-together & I was so happy to be able to join them. Nice to get out of my digs and talk to grown-ups (I’d never understood the importance of that before leaving my job) — it also gave Tomas the place to himself for a few hours to focus on work without me & the baby underfoot.

So, back to my obsession — Garlands! They just make me smile, reason enough to make ’em, I’m thinking. Today’s are simple (like most things I tackle). Just heart cut outs in lovely shades of white, cream and taupe. Glued one-on-one over a string of hemp jewelry cord.

One thing I especially like about this one is that it won’t just be used for Christmas; it’ll be nice, too, for Valentine’s day, birthdays, and special occasions. Yay!

{update: if you are similarly obsessed, you’ll have to check out Ga-ga for Garlands, a photo pool on Flickr set up by Heather Bailey}

{and another update: Claire has posted a nice kids’ garland craft activity described up on Kiddley}

{and another…: One Hour Craft has a lovely tutorial on how to sew a heart garland. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, but was too jittery to mess up my sewing machine. Now I know how!}

Homage a Goldsworthy

Getting it just right, originally uploaded by VeroC.

My husband and I are huge Andy Goldsworthy fans and often incorporate  elements of his work into projects for the children. We were in Nice, France last December and the rocks on the beach are (mostly) gray with white lines running through them. We set M&B to collecting and assembling their rocks to form a seamless circle of white.

PS. a friend of mine mentioned that he had not heard of Goldsworthy before reading this post, so I’ve added a link to an incredible documentary about him. Both M&B (ages 7&5 enjoyed this one, so it’s something you can watch "en famille".