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Bjørn’s new pillow

Bjørn's pillow
While Maggie was busy at work on her mouse, Bjørn came up to me to ask if he could make something as well. Like I would say no?!

He very carefully chose his colored felt (black and teal) and embroidery thread (red), and just before starting to sew, he asked if he could also decorate his pillow. Of course! So I handed him the fabric markers.

When he was all done he gave me this huge smile and announced that sewing was a lot easier now that he was older. He remembered struggling over a sewing project in school when he was a kinder, and was very relieved that it wasn’t as difficult as back then. I have to say, I’m quite impressed with how even his stitching is!

Meet Francis

Mouse plan
Maggie decided that she wanted to institute Project Days this summer. Her idea was to have specified days completely devoted to crafting. I don’t think it’s possible for me to convey with any accuracy just how nervous this made me — one or two crafts I can handle. An entire day of back-to-back forced creativity overwhelms me. So, I handed her a pile of craft and sewing books and told her to make a list of the sorts of things she’d like to try out. Nothing like postponing a craft-athon to ease one into it.

She quickly thumbed through my books and claimed that she’d read ’em all and knew exactly what she wanted to do. She then sketched the pattern above to show me how she wanted to make a mouse.

After my morning coffee we all packed into the car and headed for the craft store to get felt and stuffing. The minute she got in the door she set to work and barely had need of any help from me.

This is Francis:

Francis the mouse

Francis now has a brightly decorated tail, a mousy home complete with confetti bedding, and a lovely pair of earrings.