(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Game: Ask anything

[This one is quick and easy :-)]

Each person gets to ask anything they want & the others (usually the grownups) do their best to give a meaningful and relevant response.

Here are the questions M&B asked the first time we played (they were about 5 & 3 years old at the time):

  • Why do men not cry as much as women?
  • How do plants drink?
  • How does the second hand move around the clock?
  • How are the things we use  (like plates and houses) made?
  • How do doors open when you turn the knob?
  • How do you make soap?

I think this game has helped set the stage so the kids feel that they really can ask anything. Shortly after Little T was born, M asked: "Mom, I understand that it takes an egg and sperm to make a baby, and that the egg is in Mommy, and the sperm is from Daddy…. How do they get together?" — Let’s just say I wasn’t prepared…