This one ends up being messy but very tasty. Be prapared to find little bits of rice stuck in odd places…

We had friends over for a sushi-fest today. After a few false starts (naps, visits to the pool, last minute run to the Japanese Market…), we finally got going. It was our first attempt and I’m happy to report it all tasted quite authentic.

The only stove-top cooking was to follow a recipe for the rice from the back of the noori package, and Lauren’s Miso soup. Other than those two, we just cut up and set out all the other ingredients, and each person got to make their own sushi rolls.

The shopping list included:Sushiboy


Salmon roe
Raw Tuna (sashimi grade)
Cooked eel
Smoked salmon
Flying fish roe
Crab meat
Rice wine vinaiger
Daicon (little radish-leafy-things-I’ll-have-to-look-it-up)
Noori (dried seaweed sheets)
& Sake & Asahi for the adults

For desert we had M’s Nectarine Mango Sorbet, and a Green Tea Ice Cream that I’ll have to experiment with a bit more ’cause this one was way too sweet. M’s sorbet garnered all the oohs and ahs yet again :-)