Today is B’s sixth birthday. For his classroom treat I’m bringing in Fruit Kabobs. I started out with a grand plan to make a bouquet of them, and got about half way through when the dogs started barking at the mailman — while I ran to shush them, my beautiful bouquet tipped over and three of my “stems” fell on the ground and had to be tossed. I’d cut a pineapple in half and was sticking the skewers in it — very pretty, but I needed something to support the base… next time I’ll have to wedge my pineapple in a bowl somehow. I’m thinking grapes might work nicely.

Since I didn’t have time to experiment I just finished loading up the skewers with fruit and lay them out on a bright orange tray. I thought they looked quite nice, and only two of the twenty kids turned down this healthy treat — the others were gobbled down in minutes.

…did I mention I also handed out a gummy worm with each kabob?