I kept B home from school today & dropped the baby off at daycare so we could have some one-on-one time. It’s tough being the middle child, especially when the new guy is extra cute. He absolutely BEAMED when Tomas asked him if he’d like to do that. He thought long and hard (about 2 nano-seconds) about what he wanted to do: Mini Golf!

We started the day with a visit to a local bakery for chocolate croissants, followed by a quick visit to the toy store for him to pick out a gift for Miss M’s 8th birthday. Of course we couldn’t leave the store without something for him :-) He picked Hema beads — the things you iron down — to share with his sister.

From there we headed to the highway and a circuitous route to Mini Golf Place #1 (I got lost two or three times…). When we finally got there the wretched place was closed, not to open until noon. So we headed back to the highway to the Mini Golf Place #2 that I’d been to before and was pretty sure I could find (yes, I called Tomas and had him Google it a few times for me).

My boy managed to keep a positive attitude through the whole thing and BEAMED again when I agreed to a second round of 18 holes. I was quite proud of myself — I usually hate mini-golf, but it was actually fun with just the two of us. I ended our visit there with a victory round in the arcade (must teach them to gamble young!). He picked out two cool things for himself and a purple-gem’d ring for his sister.

Before heading back to get the siblings we stopped for a leisurely lunch at Fresh Choice, one of those salad-bar places where you can eat all you want; soup, pizza, mac and cheese, muffins galore… he stuffed himself so full he couldn’t finish his brownie.

It was a good day.