(re)capturing the fun & wonder

My baby is eight years old today


The years have zipped past me much too quickly. Miss M is so grown up at Eight. Our family tradition is that the birthday girl or boy gets to choose what we will do for the day. M didn’t have a choice about going to school but here is what she did pick:

  • Pancakes for breakfast
  • Fruit kabobs to share with her classmates
  • She brought her Daddy’s book to school to share with her class [we got a hard cover copy from Lulu.com and it ROCKS!]
  • Bowling with her family after school
  • Pizza at the bowling alley
  • Cake at home
  • A family viewing of the Project Runway finale

For her party this coming weekend she has requested an ocean theme, including two craft projects: shell and bead necklaces, and snow globes. All I have left to do is track down some glycerine to “make it so.”

Every day I wish I could hold time still for just a moment.