This afternoon we followed the recipe in this month’s everyday Food magazine for Halloween cookies. Overall it was (relatively) stress-free, and gave the kids something to look forward to with each batch either going into, or coming out of the oven. They were also all too pleased to oblige me when I asked them to help clean the bowls and mixer components :-)

Author confession: I have valentines, Christmas, easter, fall, and farm cookie cutters, but I’ve never used them before today. Never used a single one of my cookie cutters. Over the years, I’ve just been unable to bypass them in the cooking shops.

I don’t have any icing-thingies, so just filled sandwich bags with fresh made icing. I followed a recipe that got lots of stars (so it had to be good, right?). The kids didn’t like that I’d added vanilla and almond extract, and I had to call my friend Doree (who is an incredible baker, and has way more creativity in her little pinky than a mom has any right to have… and has a blog that I’m dying for her to post more to). Where was I? …I called Doree at the kids’ bedtime, in a panic because my icing wasn’t setting and the recipe said to store in an air-tight container — how can you stack wet cookies?! I wanted to bring these to share with the Cousins tomorrow night!

Anyway… Doree was very calming (thank you!), and walked me through it. For now, I’ll just leave them out over-night (out of reach of the dogs) & they’ll be fine. Next time, I’ll skip the corn syrup, and just add milk or water to confectioner’s sugar.