Thanks to Lulu.com we’ve self-published Tomas’ book “What’s That Noise”!

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The book is written and illustrated by him. When Miss M was little, and we would hear a loud sound, she would always ask “What’s that noise?” This book is Tomas’ answer.

We’ve “test marketed” the book with M&B’s friends with great success (and lot’s of grins & giggles). With oddball answers and colorful illustrations this book is popular with kids aged 2 to 9 years old.

We set up hard cover and  paperback versions of the book because we realize that while the hard cover is soooo much nicer, the price point is a bit of a stretch (it is for us at least!). Check it out and see if the kids in your life might like this for Christmas (or Hanuka, or a birthday, or…)

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