(re)capturing the fun & wonder



We did it!

I figured out why the sewing machine wasn’t cooperating (thread was too taught, so I re-threaded it — somehow that did the trick), and M and I were able to complete our Caterpillow project. Hooray!

I made things a little harder on myself than they needed to be by sewing the length of the body before attaching the head and tail, but at least I’ll know better next time. We’ll also add legs — this one is more of a worm that a caterpillar…

Miss M chose all the fabrics and put a lot of thought into every step of it. The ends are green to match the middle band. And she drew the mouth for me to sew on, and found flowers on a scrap of fabric that she liked for the eyes. She did do some of the sewing, but found it a bit tedious. Much easier to have Mom do that part.

She decided that we should give this to Little T for Christmas since it’s so special, so it’s been hidden waaay up high in a closet.

Quite a nice Mommy & Me collaboration!