(re)capturing the fun & wonder

My #$@&!! sewing machine


Ok… First of all, the sewing machine is technically my daughter’s, but because I don’t have any real experience machine sewing I’ve decided that this thing is the (current) bane of my life.

Not too bad a bane, considering…

Today Miss M and I had our Mommy and Me day. I do these with the older kids now since the children  out-number the grown-ups in our family — it’s really difficult for them to get focused attention from us. Whoever’s day it is gets to stay home from school and gets to pick all the activities.

The day was great. We went bowling, had lunch, and then M had a Very Specific Idea. We stopped at our local fabric shop to pick out her materials. The plan was to sew a Caterpillow. A pillow of her design, shaped like a caterpillar.  I could do this. It was easy. Strips of colorful (rainbow) fabric sewn together and then we’d make a tube out of them. Easy-schmeasy.

Ha. The Machine had other plans and tangled up the threads. Repeatedly.

We are lucky that we live in a town that has an incredible variety of adult ed classes available. I am determined to get this Sewing Thing. My mind is so full of projects I’m ready to create. All I need is the Skills.