leavesI got mail from the folks at Modernseed today — not that I could ever afford anything there, but I love to drool look through the stuff they sell. On their website they had info about a challenge for kids that actually sounds interesting.

The Challenge. . .
Take a look at yourself; how big are you? The first step in the
challenge is to draw yourself. Now find something in or around your
home that is 10 times as big as you are. Step Two, draw whatever that
is. Now look around your home again for something 10 times smaller than
you. Step Three, draw that. Easy, right! Now parents get those little
minds drawing. And remember, watch the film at The Powers of Ten Film.

>> More info on the Modernseed site

My Man B just watched the film five times in a row and has already broken out the pencil and crayons for his submission.