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Traditions: Preparing for Christmas


Carmen over at Sweet Petite has written about starting traditions for her family, and that got me thinking about what we do for the holidays.

Tomas’ family is from Denmark and they are quite attached to their Christmas traditions. After (almost) twenty-two years with the guy, I have to admit that their joy for the holiday has completely rubbed off on me. Mine has always been a Thaksgiving-kind-of-family :-)

Every year we pick out a cut tree. I never remember the name of the variety I like, but it looks sort of like something you’d find in a Dr. Seuss book, with the branches spaced out. It also has the added benefit of not dropping a gazillion needles on the floor.

Every year we decorate in white and red (the colors of the Danish flag), with gold and silver tossed in for a bit of extra sparkle.

Every year we make eight-pointed paper stars, and woven heart baskets.

Every year we haul out his Mor-Far’s (grandfather-on-his-mother’s-side) paper ornaments. Made I believe, shortly before his death.

Every year we prepare exactly the same meal: roast duck, caramelized potatoes, red cabbage, and ris a l’amande (rice pudding with an almond in it).

Every year the person who finds the almond in their pudding gets a box of chocolates (that they share with the others).

Every year we make yule logs out of nougat, chocolate, and marzipan.

Every year I make a Mazarine Pie.

Most imporantly, every year after dinner we hold hands, and dance around the tree singing “Nu Er Det Jul Igen” (now it’s Christmas again!), going faster and faster, until we are all breathless and laughing.