(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Who needs Nintendo or Gameboy?


When you can use your imagination? B has been off his real Nintendo DS for about a month now (Tamagotchis as well… no need to go into why…). What I love is that he’s completely stopped asking for either of them, but has started creating his own three-dimensional games out of paper.

Funny how they look so much like the real thing :-)

The "cartridges" slide out from the main "hand-held" and can be updated or replaced anytime he wants.

Update: M&B spent the entire morning making more game cartridges. B tells me the new games include:

  1. Find the squares without bonking into the wall, ’cause there’s rebounders. And you have to run fast to get across.
  2. Flip and bonk the shooters, ’cause when you flip and hit them, they lose a life.
  3. Mario Brothers third castle — you have to get across the lava, without hitting any spikes, or the hot lava monsters.
  4. This one is Nintendo DS Gameboy, and it’s number one level. You have to get across without getting bonked by any bombers.
  5. This Donkey Kong, this is me, you have to win by hitting the pirate crow. You have to hit him with eggs. And he throws eggs at you.
  6. This is called Get Across Without Hitting Any Bombs and you have to jump on the bomber thing and it takes you out of the big block tower.
  7. Run and Jump and Get Across. And so, the star throws bombs at you and you have to jump on him to beat him. You have to hit him twenty times. And so, once you hit him he throws his bombs faster and they go faster. Once you get to level twenty he goes so fast that it’s really hard to beat him, but I’ve been practicing and I’ve beat him only once.
  8. This is called the Candy Bonker. You have to get the hook and throw it at him, but you can only use it once. You have to figure out how to hit him twenty times with only one hook. There’s also an asteroid that gets thrown by a witch and comes out the other side. The witch makes you feel silly and you have to figure out how to get past without having the witch do that.
  9. And this is another game to Donkey Kong. It’s a sort of castle, and when you get to a hole things jump out at you.