(re)capturing the fun & wonder

A wee bit o’ Scotland on the way


With Christmas now behind us, and a simple New Year’s planned, it’s time to rev up the Birthday Machine.

Tomas (the husband) is turning 40 in a couple weeks and while he would dearly love to visit Scotland and the Isle of Skye, that just isn’t possible right now. Instead, I’ve invited friends to help us celebrate with a little bit of peaty goodness (the real reason for his interest in the trip, to be honest).

Since I haven’t quite used up my obsession with garlands, today I completed a banner of plaid pennants in alternating colors (with fabric bought on sale at Joann’s for $4.99 a yard — score!). I’ve yet to decide where to hang it… A couple of weeks ago I broke the bobbin-thingy on Miss M’s sewing machine so I opted for fabric glue instead. I think it looks quite nice! (I will of course post a picture of the garland when it gets hung up).

Miss M has asked that we make her a mini-skirt out of the remaining fabric (in the lighter shade). I’ll need to figure that one out. Quick. I’ve never sewn an article of clothing in my life, and the dear girl has a Very Specific Skirt in mind. Add the fact that I need to repair her sewing machine first… Oy.

I’m also thinking that I should do something for the boys. Like appliquéd shirts or something. Erin Harris posted some shirts she’s made as gifts, and while I don’t think I could do as clean a job of it as she has, I’m sure I could do something along those lines… but something Scottish… Would Scotties be too precious?

I found this site that lists interesting-sounding food, but I don’t think I’ll be up to and over-the-top cooking marathon, so Trader Joe’s might once again be my ally in the kitchen :-)

Last up in my planning (I think) is finding activities for the kids who will also be dashing about in our teeny tiny apartment. I am so looking forward to that “research!”