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Nancy said jump

On December 7th Nancy said:

“Make Sure Everyone Has Access to This”

This video on the NYTimes site probably won’t be accessible for a long time,
so pop over and see not only a great, easy bread baking recipe, but a
beautiful act of knowledge sharing. The baker’s last line was “Make
sure everyone has access to this. That’s the goal.”

Here is the New York Times Video.

The recipe for the bread can be found here. Food bloggers are another great example of knowledge sharers. With passion.

When Nancy White says I need to try something out, I generally do. It’s rather a disease with me, I love discovering new things. To be fair, I actually punted this one over to Tomas and asked him to try it out — he’s the bread-maker (in more ways than one these days) in the family.

I am so happy he obliged me (us?). We’ve had the most incredible bread all week long now. Miss M’s first reaction was “Dad! This tastes just like baguette!” Next, she asked if she could make a loaf. Of course!