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Soup Swap: Bodil’s Ruby Red Pepper Soup


My mother-in-law came through with a great recipe for the soup swap:

A few years ago I discovered an easy way to get through life with a fairly good conscience – only as regards the food I serve to those around me. The problem was that I DETEST most vegetables as they usually are prepared – boiled, steamed or fried.

So, I discovered vegetable blender soups. In the summer I usually serve it cold. Here are some suggestions.

Red pepper soup

Cut up one red bell pepper for each person. In olive oil, gently simmer a chopped onion and a couple of cloves of garlic, add the chopped peppers, cover with water, or chicken stock, and cook till tender. If it seems a little sweet, add a small amount of tomato juice. Blend, and season with your favorite spices. I find that a Little bit of curry and Cayenne pepper tastes really good in most blender soups. Serve with a dollop of creme fraiche and a basil leaf for decoration. The colour of this soup will kill you.

I added some beets to pump up the red, and seasoned with salt, pepper, corriander, and a bit of Tabasco. I thought it was delicious. The kids… not so much. I’m glad to have a new recipe for more mature palates — Miss M informs me often that the reason I like stuff that she doesn’t is ’cause my taste buds are shot.

If you have a recipe to share, I’d be thrilled to try it out with my family :-)