Ever since mentioning my delight at having my Paumes books in hand, I’ve been trying to understand what about the experience was so familiar. After several days of ruminating this I finally figured it out — My Père Castor Books!

When I was little I had a boxed set of French word books, L’imagier du Père Castor published by Flammarion in 1952 (they were already old books when they got to me). I loved them. Really, truly loved them. I could easily browse through my eight little books for hours on end, and find something new and beautiful with each reading.

Unfortunately, over the years the box has been lost, as well as the final two books in the series…

At least now I have a better understanding of how my son can pour over (and over) his Pokemon books the way he does. Exactly as I did. Probably exactly as all children do at some point, eh?