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Reading: Henrietta, There’s No One Better

Henrietta, There’s No One Better
by Martine Murray

Before bed tonight, we read this great (really great!) book that had us all in stitches.

Little Henrietta has a baby brother. We have a baby brother. Henrietta is adventurous (sometimes naughty). We are, too! She has a lovely imagination. (!). She knows what she wants, and what she does not want. How could you not be drawn to a child who Does Not want to be a King because kings can’t fart? (!?).

The funniest similarity for us was getting to a page where she talks about her Dad and their dog both liking to lie out on the couch. The illustration has Dad lounged out across a big red couch, the dog curled by his knees, and Henrietta hanging over the end of the couch. I looked up from the book & there, on our big red couch, was Tomas fully stretched out with crossword in hand, dog curled up by his knees, and Miss M sprawled out at his feet, listening raptly to the story.

The illustrations are lovely and whimsical, and the story is told from the perspective of a precocious little girl. Both my olders (8 and 6) hung on to every word, and laughed their butts off at the silliness of it. We unanimously recommend this one :-)