(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Um… forgot to say why we got rid of the T.V.

The removal of the T.V. was a pretty typical move for us. One morning we said "We should really just get rid of it" — the next thing I knew, Tomas’d told co-workers about it and this one guy said he’d like to buy our monster. Gulp. I wasn’t really ready for it, but OK.

What led to our ever-so-brief discussion was a series of events:

  • We’d made a connection that our kids routinely turned into lunatics immediately following T.V. time. Stark. Raving. Mad. So unmanageable that I was guaranteed to start yelling my brains out within minutes of the off-click. Seconds, even.
  • They would watch T.V. on play dates. What the heck?! A Play Date is for Play Time. Duh. Get on your scooters & skateboards, or play with one of the gazillion toys piled high in your bedroom.
  • After watching a show they ALWAYS asked for another one. That really irked me.
  • We’d read this article in Slate that discusses a research study conducted by Cornell University on the possible connection between T.V. viewing by young children and Autism. It was enough to freak us out a bit & we’re not freak-out-types.
  • I’m often up with insomnia (or the baby) in the middle of the night… I’m pretty sure the cop-n-robber shows were rotting my brain.
  • After 22-gulp-years together Tomas and I spent most evenings sitting on opposite ends of the couch, staring at the screen. Pathetic.

That’s pretty much it. No major research or anything. No big family meeting. We just did it, and it was the right thing for us.

In any case, we still have Netflix, and have put the TiVo recorder in the storage closet, for when/if we ever decide to get another T.V.