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Discovering Tintin

Growing up, we were definitely a Bédé family. "What on earth is a Bédé?!" you ask? In French, BD is short for Bande Dessiné — Comic Books. I’ve tried several times over the years to introduce the Olders to the worlds of Asterix and Obelix, and Tintin. Finally, this week they have totally glommed on to Tintin. Being holed up with colds and no TV in the house might have helped since they had plenty of time to really dig in.

Over the past two weeks I’ve borrowed just about every Tintin book from the library because Tomas and my (extensive) comic collection is all in French, Danish, and Swedish — very few English editions in the lot — it feels weird to buy the same books just to have ’em in English. I’ll probably have to work that one out at some point…

I’m thrilled that our local library also has a good collection of Asterix comics, because they’ll be next on the list. I wonder if I can convince them to purchase Lucky Luke, The Smurfs (I way prefer the French name: Schtroumpfs), Spirou, Gaston la Gaffe…?

{You can click on the images above to preview the books on Amazon.com, you’ll also find many, many more in the collection!}