(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Inspiration: Huguette, Pia, and Bodil

I’ve noticed a bit of a trend on the blogs I read. Almost all of these crafty mamas have an incredibly crafty Mom or Grandma (or Aunt…) in their lives. This got me thinking a bit about my personal inspirations. The women in my life are my Mom, my sister, and my Mother-in-law. Each is completely different in her approach to her creativity, but each incredibly inspiring to me. I figured that since I’d had this micro-Aha moment, that I should share it.

Huguette: taught me orienteering, how to card wool, how to make animations with a Super8. How to cook, crochet, milk a cow, make a Japanese garden in a meat tray (something I’ll have to do with my brood soon). How to set up a tent, make a candle, and start a proper bon-fire. She tried to teach me math, and quilting, and embroidery… I didn’t take to those quite as well.

Pia: was the first person I ever knew who subscribed to Martha Stewart Living. She’s always been super organized. One of the best cooks I know. She’s the one who made a cardboard box doll-house for me, one of the most magical playthings I ever had. She grew her own veggies, made her own pasta, and canned her own produce way before it was cool to do so. I remember being bowled over when I realized that her books were alphabetized by author (thousands of them).

Bodil: knows exactly where everything should go in a home. She has turned home organization into an absolute science. She sews. Really sews. I wish I could do that. I dream of being able to set up my home as seamlessly as she does. Through her, I’ve become aware of the importance of traditions for my family, especially when we all live so far away from each other.

I see so many echoes of them in my daily life, and feel incredibly lucky to know each of them.