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Kids’ room planning

B's room

After dinner tonight we broke out the magic markers, paper, and paint chips, and asked the kids to think about how they would like to paint their room when we move this summer. We know the house well — it was my family’s summer house when I was growing up — and the kids have chosen which room will be theirs. They’ve decided that they want to continue to share a room as they’ve done their entire lives together so far. I’m figuring that in a couple years Miss M will discover that she wants a space of her own. — it’ll mostly be a matter of if she will be ready to be on a different floor than the rest of the family, and in a much smaller space (turns out privacy does have a price, after-all).

This picture depicts how my six year old would like their room painted. The top-left quadrant is a pretty good representation of the space where M&B’s beds will probably be placed, but the rest of it is, umm…. imaginative. If you look really hard, you’ll see where he’s placed the soccer field, complete with goals and bleachers (just above the toy box).