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Five Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

How sad is it that I actually got a little thrill at being tagged? Even though my work life has been completely webified for the past 12 years, I’ve only had a *real* blog for about six months and this is my first tag.

Anyways… I’ve been tagged by Sarina over at Trini Gourmet — a great site for learning about Trinidad and Tobago through its food. She’s posted Five (Foodie) Things Most People Don’t Know About Me. Do pay her a visit.

1. I wake up almost every night in the middle of the night and have to stay up for at least an hour. Sometimes it’s because the baby is hungry (or bored), sometimes it’s a dog pushing me out of bed, or barking at the arrival of the New York Times. Recently, it’s been the cat sneezing on my head. Occasionally, it’s one of the olders with a bad dream. But really… even if there’s no one there to wake me up, I’ll still do it, and be up for an hour or so.

2. We are planning to move back East in a few months. I am having the bestest time ever daydreaming about what we will do with the house and garden. I really don’t care if we do all the things I’m dreaming about, I just love the process.

3. I hate looking for a new job. Really, truly hate it. I hate the process. I’m totally fine with interviewing and all that, it’s just the part about finding the right opportunities… blech.

4. I wish I was more of a Martha, just to be more organized and in control. I want pretty much everything else about me to stay the same. Oh, except for my temper. I’d like to not have a temper.

5. I signed up for flylady.net in October 2001, and have been getting her emails practically hourly every since, and I don’t think I’ve gone to bed with a shiny sink more than a dozen times in the past five years. Sigh…

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