[Please excuse the poor quality of today’s photo. I couldn’t find my camera, so grabbed the kids’ and clearly must have clicked on something I shouldn’t have to make it so blurry]

I’ve been wanting to experiment with paper maché for a while now and made the mistake of mentioning my interest to the kids the other day. It should be noted that my kids are not the ones you want to mention stuff to in an off-hand way if you aren’t ready to take action. They JUMPED at the idea.

“Mom! We have everything we need, don’t we?!”

Well, yeah, but…

Miss M instantly knew exactly what she wanted to make and how she was going to make it.

So. Out came the balloons. I hate blowing up balloons. I’m always scared they’ll pop on me, and I can never tie them right. It’s an in-born failing of mine. Shockingly, I prevailed & managed to blow up three & actually tied them off without too many tears of frustration.

Next up was the fun part. We cut & shred a bunch of old papers. Saved me a trip down to the recycling bin. We then covered the table with more paper to protect it from inevitable spills. (like that worked…)

The last supply we needed was paste. I haven’t done paper maché anything since the first grade and I vaguely remembered dipping paper into a water/glue concoction, so that’s what I made, just mixing one part craft glue to two parts water. I have no idea if that was the “right” thing to do, but it worked out ok. Usually, I’ll have read up on a project before diving in, at least enough to know what’s involved.

It took a surprisingly looooonnnnnggg time to cover our balloons in paper. Very wet paper, I might add.

{This is the part that you might want to skip}

I set our masterpieces in process out on the balcony to dry. We live in Northern California where winter = rain. I’m sure you see where this is going. The balloons came back in the next morning to spend another 24 hours drying indoors with me chasing the baby every time he got close enough to them to say “Boo!”

Today they were finally dry enough to attach fins. I’m hoping this project ends soon. It’s stressing me out.