This morning I was visiting (lovely site you should visit, too!), and followed from there to AfricanKelli, who will be visiting an orphanage in Mozambique.

Next month, I would like to hand each of the kids at the older
orphanage a small bag of goodies. I envision a quart-sized Ziplock bag
including a bar of soap, a toothbrush, dental floss, a pack of gum,
Chapstick and perhaps some stickers. Most importantly, I see a small
card with a photo of their new American friend. The card is written in English and Portuguese
and says why this American wanted to extend her/his friendship and wish
this child well. {If I had kids, I’d include a family photo.} The
entire bag shouldn’t cost more than $10 to put together and mail.
If you are interested in sending one (or more) of these bags, please
contact me. In return, I promise to take many photos of the children at
the orphanage and send you a print when I return. This is a simple way
you can easily make a difference in the life of a child in need;
imagine their joy when they find out there are people they’ve never met
who love them.

[more details here]

I’m pretty sure this is all stuff we have extras of in the house thanks to a recent trip to Costco, so it just makes sense to help out in this small way. I’m looking forward to having the kids assemble a bag or two!