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Ha! So where’s my check?

Just read this brief article on CNN.com and had to post about it.

Survey: 10 jobs moms work would bring in $138,095 a year

• 40,000 mothers responded to survey at Salary.com
• Mothers explained what their job entailed, how many hours they worked
• Salary.com says mothers work at least 10 jobs, put in 92 hours per week
• Company used median salaries for jobs, calculated work hours for each

I’ve been working outside of the home for 20 years now, eight of those as a working mom. When I got back to work after having my third child, I went half-time, and when he turned one I decided to stay home. The financial equation just didn’t make sense anymore, and I really needed a change.

Looking back at these past eight months I wouldn’t trade the time I’ve had to just be Mom for anything, but honestly, I don’t know that I’m cut out for that job 100% either — I’m still too curious about work-stuff.

I’m glad that someone has bothered to try to quantify the value of mothering, ’cause really, it’s a damned hard job. A great one, but it is way more work than, well… work.