Is it really any wonder that parents often start Mondays with a big sigh of relief? I know I do.

It was a busy, busy weekend as usual. Actually, even more-so than usual. With the end of the school year upon us, there that is and extra feeling of frenzy to get all the activities wrapped up, parties attended, and family time accounted for.

Here’s the run-down from Saturday morning through Sunday evening:

  • Our very first Piano recital
  • Bottling Day at the Obester Winery where we picked up a young but lovely red Zin.
  • Lunch at our favorite hole in the wall by the sea.
  • Splashing in the Pacific (note to self: remember swim suits next time)
  • BBQ with dear friends
  • Sleepover for the kids
  • Lunch out again because there was no food in the house
  • Plan, design, and prepare hand made end-of-year gifts
  • Pot-luck with friends who are leaving town
  • Everyone off to bed except Mom who picked up needle, hoop & thread to embroider for the first time in 30 years (secret gifts…shhhh!)

The rest of the week is panning out to look like it will be just as chock full of events and activities, so I am definitely enjoying my few minutes of quiet this morning to sip my tepid coffee, and do my little bit of writing.

Happy Monday!