My creation
We had art class at home again last weekend.

This time Tomas had us all do drawings based on the rubber shark who lives in the bathtub (and who I can’t find today to take a picture of!).

The pictures above are of the last assignment; to make a pop-up card based on Sharky in his native habitat.

The other activities (which were friggin hard for the artistically challenged — moi!) included:

  • Draw Sharky with just one zig-zag line.
  • Draw Sharky using 5 circles, 5 triangles, 5 squares, and 5 diamonds.
  • Draw Sharky with one single line. Do not lift up your pencil/pen/crayon.
  • Draw Sharky using just 20 straight lines.
  • Draw Sharky using 30 V’s
  • Draw Sharky using 30 circles

The catch was that you had to do your drawing based on your specific view of the shark — very hard to do in practice! It was fasciinating to discover how we each interpreted the assignments differently.