(re)capturing the fun & wonder

A tribute to art by 2nd & 3rd graders

My girl and her classmates drafted this Tribute To Art as a thank you at the end of the year to their art teacher. I love how each child so clearly showed their appreciation and how their unique personalities shined through. I have several years worth of my children’s art from school stored away in huge folders; knowing how much it really means to them makes the keepsakes all the more precious.

To Susan With gratitude

I love the feeling of stroking my paintbrush down the paper.
In art I love to set my imagination free.

I love making crazy colorful clowns and delicious ice cream
that makes your mouth water like Niagara Falls.

Art is a soul trapped in a paintbrush.

Art is a place where everyone can express their feelings and
open up the locked door inside them where creativeness hides.
Art is a place where people can open their minds to ideas,
and free their imaginations.

I love tasting the flavors of my ice cream painting like the paper is my tongue.
Art is a kind of expression that is my dream come true.
I love being creative at art; all week long I have clouds of color and ideas drifting around my head waiting to come to life.
Maya L.

Art is like a mixing color land.

I loved the Russian churches with beautiful towers
with shining windows of gold and silver.
I loved the dragons soaring through the wind.
I loved those sundaes of mint, peach and nut.
I bet some clowns would take them, our Picassos and Monets
I LOVE ART, Susan!!!

Art lets me paint my ideas on a paper.

Art is a castle of colors and a wonderland of pictures.
I love making the dragons and all the other things we make in art. 
It’s just a wonderful way of expressing yourself.

Art is a ghostly dragon flying through the air.
I love art.

I love playing with clay and being creative.
Art is where you can express your feelings.

Art is exploding with ice cream.
Art is full of fire breathing dragons.

I love painting the colorful, goofy, funny clowns.
Painting the ice cream makes me feel like I’m in Candyland.
Art is like a magical place.

Art is the joy of my life. 
I feel like we should have art every day.

I love art.
Art is my favorite part of the day.

I love the idea of expressing myself in something I love to do.
Maya K.

Art is the love of my life and without it
the world would be nothing.

Art is a wonderland of imagination.

Art is a place locked up in a frame.
Art is a feeling turned into a craft.
Art is a homemade piece of time.
Art is a picture of the mind turned into a visible sculpture.
Art is an image waiting to be real.