apple-campMaggie and Bjørn went to camp this morning, Apple Camp that is. I’d heard that our local Apple stores hosted workshops for kids — being a Mac Momma, I had to try it out.

I signed ’em up for the Music Camp and I have to say, the Apple guys and gals did a great job with the kids, first introducing them to iTunes, and then walking them through their own compositions on GarageBand. After two and a half hours M&B had far eclipsed my sorry grasp of the app.

They each came back with a song they co-wrote and produced with another camper, plus a bunch of cool schwag — t-shirt, patch, note-book, bumpersticker, and Mama’s favorite, a Field Guide to Apple Camp programs filled to brimming with good tips and tricks for the kids.

On top of it all the program is completely free — it’d better be considering that they force the parents to stay put for the whole thing (in spite of having signed waivers and whatnot), so we have to browse and daydream about all the stuff we’d like to get some day (iPhone, I’m looking at you).

I was on the fence about exposing my kids to such overt advertising and, let’s be honest here, this program really is all about introducing them to the brand, but in this case I’m convincing myself that it’s ok ’cause they’re learning something really cool and creative.

I hope I’m not deluding myself.

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