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Chef Bjørn

Chef Bjorn
Over lunch today Bjørn asked us out of the blue if he could make an entire meal for us All By Himself. Of course!

We had a long discussion about what he could make, where we would need to get the ingredients, what he would need, planning the drinks to accompany each dish… The hardest part was managing Maggie’s desire to take over the project without curbing her enthusiasm. She’ll get to make her own meal soon, this one will be all his.

While we discussed the ins and outs of meal planning, Tomas doodled [see above].

Bjørn settled on Ratatouille (no doubt inspired by the movie) as the main dish. He has a very clear idea of how it will be served: piled in the center of the dish, with a circle of yogurt sauce (Tzatziki?) around it, followed by a ring of grated zucchini.

For desert he would like to make fruit salad with mango lassis.

This sounds like a perfect summer meal to me, we’ll head for the vegetable stand on Monday morning!