(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Getting our hands dirty!

We’ve been taking advantage of the many free events around town that don’t conflict with nap time (& even a few that did!). One of these events had an area set aside for kids to work with clay. Each child was given a good-sized chunk of clay to work with, and a teenager was on-hand to give them tips and advice, but other than that the project was completely up to them.  M&B really (really) got into it and spent a good hour and a half at the tables creating, smashing, starting over, smashing…

The only problem we’ve run into is that we brought their pieces home & let them dry on the balcony, but now I have no idea how to preserve them! It would have helped to have a bit of instruction for after-care.

If you know anything about clay, please let me know in the comments what we should do next. I figure we could finagle access to a kiln, but that seems like more work than it’s worth.