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Tagged: 7 random things about me

I’ve been tagged by Mamasaga to write seven random things about myself. Here goes!

1.  I’m a Scorpio but have never fit the usual descriptions. I just don’t fit the vamp profile. Really. Never have.

2.  I’ve been on stage with ABBA, Olivia Newton John, Andy Gibb, Earth Wind & Fire, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, and Henry Winkler. It was a concert for UNICEF and I was eleven years old. A bunch of my classmates and I performed in the General Assembly at the United Nations.

3.  Tomas and I have been together 22.5 years.

4.  I always knew I wanted to be a Mom, and thought I wanted to be a stay-at-home Mom. I love being with the kids, but I also love doing work that gets my brain and imagination ticking, so I’m working out a way to accomplish both. It’s far from figured out.

5.  I used to play the trumpet. I was pretty good at it, too. At least, my Mom tells me I was quieter than the boys…

6.  In high-school I won gold medals skiing the Canadian Cross Country Ski Marathon two years in a row. In college I rowed crew and didn’t win a single race.

7.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t slept a single night through since getting pregnant with my last baby close to three years ago.

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