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Peep show movie (no, really)

Peep showHeh. Heh. So I left my new book out on the dinner table where it was likely to be discovered by young kids, and it was. While I was busy getting dinner together, Maggie ran up to me with the Boy’s Treasury of Things-to-do clutched tightly in her hands. She was desperate to make a peep show movie. I told her she could if it didn’t require any help from me since my hands were pretty full at the time.

From the sidelines it appeared quite easy to do, even if there were a number of steps. Maggie is turning nine soon and was able to complete the project mostly on her own. I think Bjørn, at almost-seven, would have needed a bit more grown-up help.

Here’s how to make your own:

  1. Cut slits about an inch from the end of a shoe box (lid and bottom) to thread your “movie”.
  2. Poke a hole in the center of the opposite panel (the eye hole)
  3. Cut a skylight in the lid. Fold up  to allow light down onto your images.
  4. Cut a long strip of paper the width of your slits.
  5. Draw lines at even intervals the height of your box so only one picture is displayed at a time.
  6. Draw your story starting at the bottom panel. You could also paste comics or pictures from old magazines. Maggie recruited her Dad to draw a series of single panel cartoons.
  7. When done thread your paper carefully through the two slits.
  8. Enjoy the show!