(re)capturing the fun & wonder

PVC pipe toys

banner-2Last night we had dinner with some dear friends. While the adults chatted, the kids found a box full of PVC pipes and connectors and had a blast playing with them. They literally spent over an hour constructing an elaborate watering system for my friend’s garden. I couldn’t believe what a great game they made of it! Tomas and I got dollar signs in our eyes as we imagined marketing such a toy. We’d have bright primary colors, widgets and whosits, bells and whistles to attach. It was a glorious moment.

This morning I did about five seconds of research and found another dad had the exact same inspiration and acted upon it over a year ago. He created Konstruk Tubes.

I’m not planning on buying the set just now, but I do think that when we have a bit more space I’ll have to bring the kids with me on an outing to the hardware store to get us a bucket-full of pipes and attachments. It’s just too much fun not to. Crazy-cheap, too :-)