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Rain makers

Rain maker
Our local Art Center hosted it’s Preschool Family Days this weekend. This fun event was focused on the under-five set. Tor was extra happy to finally be able to play with the big kids, and the olders, well… they’re always up for a bit of fun.

One of the projects was to make Rain Makers. So, so easy to do at home, you’ll be certain to have everything you need handy. Here’s how:

  • Tape two empty toilet paper rolls end to end (or just use one, or use a paper towel roll… whatever you’ve got wasting away in the recycling bin)
  • Decorate a sheet of paper.
  • Glue your artwork around the rolls.
  • Tape a small paper cup or sturdy paper to one end.
  • Fill with a cup-full (or however much you feel like) of dried beans.
  • Seal the other end by taping another cup to it.
  • Shake, shake, shake!


Update: One of my brilliant readers suggested a great alternative to this that I think would be loads of fun for older children. Check out Christine’s tips for making a more authentic rain sound:

I remember making these by using rice and inserting pins (the small
metal flat headed type) into the paper towel rolls and then securing
them by wrapping tape all around. The pins slow the rice down as they
fall to the other side of the tube and make a beautiful soft rain sound.