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Paper airplane party

paper airplanes
For Bjørn and Tor’s birthday party we ended up not doing Sculpy Pokemon as Bjørn had originally requested. It would have been impossible to get a big group of seven year olds to sit still and focus for long enough to actually have fun with it. That one works much better in a play-date setting.

It was ok in the end, because Bjørn decided that what he really wanted to do was to have a paper airplane party. We brought along a ream of brightly colored paper, and two trusty how-to books. The kids had a blast with it, literally spending over an hour with the activity (not bad when you consider that the invite was for a two hour party!).

The books were a huge hit, and several parents took notes on the titles to pick up for their young aviators. Both are by Ken Blackburn and Jeff Lammers, and both have detailed instructions, as well as sample planes you can pull out from the books and fold yourself. You can follow these links to check them out at Amazon: