Tomas is in Denmark celebrating his MorMor’s 100th birthday (incredible, right?!) for another week, and I’ve just realized that I never gave him my shopping list! I figure, as long as I have to re-write the thing, I might as well get feedback from my readers since many of you happen to be in Europe.

So far I’ve got:

  • Bolig Liv magazine
  • Loads of licorice
  • Bernaise essence (it’s a flavoring extract for Bernaise sauce)
  • Sauce/soup thickener(called Sauceline in France, not sure about DK)

I want more Danish and European craft, home, and children’s activity magazines, as well as one or two great craft books. If there’s anything along the lines of the wonderful Paumes books (that I love, love, love!), I’d have to have those as well.

I’m hoping some of you have suggestions for me, I’d so much rather be browsing the Danish shops myself, but this’ll have to do until the next family trip!