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Halloween jewels


About a year ago I discovered this fun craft that can be customized to make lovely seasonal magnets & stickers to give as gifts. It has the added benefit that you can use recycled elements (which warms my green heart), and is very easy for kids to do on their own with minimal parental interference.

This time around I used some stickers that my son got with his latest Mathmania mailing. To make these sweet treasures you’ll need craft glue, glass gems (available at most craft stores and florists), and pictures to glue them on. When they’re completely dry you can glue strong magnets to the backs of these to make gorgeous, home-made refrigerator magnets. My daughter made some as gifts for her teachers last year and they were a huge hit.

To make your own:

DSC_0100.jpgPick your images, and check that they fit nicely under your gems. Pause to admire the magnifying effect. Squeeze out a good dollop of glue on to the back of your gem.

DSC_0101.jpgPlace over your image. It’s very wet, so you’ll have plenty of time to align to your satisfaction, even if they slide a bit while drying.

DSC_0011.jpg Set aside over night so they dry completely. In the morning cut out your gems and admire your work.

If you make these with your kids, we’d love to see pictures, so do add a link in your comment so we can enjoy your handy-work!

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