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Inspiration: Kids’ activities for Fall and Winter

Michelle over at Scribbit are hosting a bazaar that promises to be a ton of fun!

Each Wednesday from October through March I will post activities,
decorations, games, recipes and crafts centered around a monthly theme
and I’ve invited other blogs to participate. These ideas could be for
children or adults, the only requirement is that they fit the seasonal

* October – Halloween
* November – Thanksgiving Day or autumn
* December – Christmas or Hanukkah
* January – the new year or winter in general
* February – Valentine’s Day or love
* March – Easter or spring

Bloggers are invited to participate by posting on their own blogs and submitting a comment in with the link on the appropriate weeks.

I’ve got a lot of blogging to catch up on, but this is one I’ll definitely be contributing to! I can not wait to see what people send in!!!