(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Vindues klip (Danish window cuttings)

One of my favorite sneaky-mom things to do, is to leave books I want the kids to check out just lying out and about. It’s like creative bait for the offspring.

After my Danish craft-book windfall, I left the ones I thought Maggie would like best out where she was bound to notice. It didn’t take long for her to fall for my little trap. On Saturday morning she chose one to work with and spent a good hour leafing through it, and then following the illustrations to make her own interpretation. She tried to get me to translate at one point, and I reminded her that my Danish was limited to simple sayings like "I love you", "I feel sick", and "Do you have money?" She wasn’t impressed.

She traced the patterns, cut out her shapes in colored craft papers, and glued them together to make these lovely swans. The only thing left to do is to hang them from some embroidery floss by a sunny window :-)