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Down and dirty tips & tricks for battling blogger’s block

Sorry to veer off a wee bit from the usual kid-stuff, but I just sent this list off to another blogger I know and it struck me that others might find it helpful. Especially those of you who are still in the running for all the excellent prizes on Nablopomo (I’m not).

1. Set up Google news alerts for relevant keywords (only do this for highly relevant keywords or your mailbox will be full of crap)

2. Keep a small notebook handy to jot down post ideas — I have them all the time & it always mucks me up when I forget to make a note of it.

3. Keep a list of *evergreen* posts. Items that aren’t time sensitive.

4. Keep track of holidays and major events. You can outline and schedule posts in advance that will be timely.

5. Make use of the theme days if you contribute to collaborative blog (what we’re reading, weekend projects, photo-booth Friday, etc.)

6. Identify blogs that post on your topics. Subscribe to them and bring attention to especially insightful posts, or write when you notice running themes across blogs.

Remember, people aren’t expecting feature-length posts on a blog (unless the blogger has established him/herself that way), but rather quick snippets of content that are relevant, interesting, or fun. So relax, and have fun with it.

Hope this is helpful — please make good use of that nice comment space below and share your tips and tricks as well!