Yesterday was like my computer was a popcorn popper with birthday greetings spitting out from every corner of the internet. I had tweetsPOP! I had emails and IMs — POP! POP! I had Facebook messages, presents, and wall posts — POP! POP! POP! And, of course, I had lovely messages here and over on Maya’s Mom.

Wow. I was thoroughly overwhelmed and feeling rather the lucky girl for the day :-)

Today has been a slow one and with much less joy and excitement…

First, my dear friend (my best friend from high-school) emailed to let me know her husband died in a motorcycle accident last week. I can’t tell you all how hard that hit me. I can’t for even a nano-second imagine what she must be going through (I can’t). I do know that I’ll hold Tomas and the kids a bit closer, and I’ll be thinking of my friend and her children.

Second, I took Tor in for a speech assessment today and was informed that he has severe speech delays. I have no idea what that means, and I’ll have to wait two weeks for the formal report and recommendations. I will tell you I was left full of Mama-guilt, fretting that I hadn’t taken his delays more seriously.

Finally, I’ll be leaving my latest project at the end of the week and I’m shockingly sad and disappointed that it didn’t go the way I’d planned. I am also incredibly proud of the wonderful blog experience I’ve helped create, and hope you’ll visit my new blogfriends often to show your support as they are a wickedly talented lot over there :-)

So, here I’ve stuck with my blog post a day, and probably should have stuck with a craft today … but ya know? Sometimes you’ve just got to share. The good, the bad, and the not-so-good.